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C.A.F.E. Practices

C.A.F.E. Practices is a Starbucks program developed along with Conservation International (C.I.) that seeks constant improvement in sustainable coffee production that ensures a better future for producers and a more stable climate for the planet.

Certified producers must follow good agricultural practices, ethical trading and produce in a responsible manner. The program seeks constant improvement in sustainable coffees production and we know that our long-term success is linked to producers who produce in a responsible way success.

Program practices include guidelines in four main areas: quality, economic responsibility and transparency, social responsibility and environmental leadership.

We at Atlantica Coffee believe that by providing our producers technical support and access to such a rich protocol, we contribute to strengthening the production chain links, their communities, and help ensure a healthy supply of high quality coffee for the future.

UTZ Certified

UTZ Certification (UTZ Certified) is a seal that attests to sustainable agriculture, present in approximately 10 thousand different product packages in over 116 countries.

This certification guarantees consumers the whole chain involved in taking the product to their table sustainability concern.

To obtain the certification, all UTZ suppliers must follow its Code of Conduct. This document offers specialized guidance on better cultivation methods, working conditions and nature care.

From 2014, UTZ Certified has become the largest sustainable coffee and cocoa cultivation program in the world. This program includes coffee, cocoa, tea and hazelnuts certification.

Certifica Minas

Certifica Minas main objective is expanding the competitive insertion of agricultural and cattle raising production in the national and international markets.

It focus on overcoming the restrictions related to plants and animals preservation, also known as zoofitosanitation norms.

This entity works in the rural development network, with Minas Gerais Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Company (Emater-MG), as responsible for the Program.

This certification identifies the need for maintenance and effective quality improvement on coffee-producing properties, in order to value coffee from Minas Gerais, aiming at new markets, job generation, improved service, adequate soil management among other requirements.

4C certification consists not only in applying high standards coffee , but also on appropriate economic, social and environmental conditions to these beans production and processing , thus establishing safer and more reliable sustainable supply chains.

Coffee is considered compatible with 4C when produced according to this certification system for sustainable coffee Code of Conduct, which establishes a set of basic sustainability practices and principles for growing green beans.

Compliance can be demonstrated by the Certification Scheme and 4C Certificates, which are subsequently issued. 4C coffees are produced in 28 countries by over 500,000 farmers.



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