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Atlantica Coffee commercializes Arabica Raw Unroasted Green Coffee beans in Brazil and across the world.

Originated in regions renowned as those hosting the noblest soil in Brazil, our coffee stands out on the market; Atlantica Coffee is well-positioned among our country’s largest exporters of Arabica raw unroasted green coffee beans.

Our product lines are composed exclusively by the Arabica raw unroasted green beans, which bear special aroma and excellence in flavor and are purchased from producers who are fully compliant with sustainability certifications that are well recognized by the coffee industry.

In addition to guaranteeing the quality of the coffee traded by Atlantica Coffee, the certifications ensure that producers are in conformity with a series of sustainability norms and standards by following procedures from plantation to harvesting, to sanitary conditions, storage and logistics, and working conditions harvesting collaborators are provided with. More than just coffee, we deliver traceability, safety and reliability to our customers.



Our coffees originate in the most noble regions of Brazil, thus concentrating the best characteristics in its composition. Are they:

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Minas Gerais: Traditionally, it produces fine, full-bodied coffees with aroma and natural sweetness content.

With regard to coffee cultivation, it is possible to subdivide the State of Minas Gerais into two locations: the Cerrado Mineiro and Alta Mogiana regions.

The first one was highlighted in the national scenario due to the high quality of its grains and the integration with the community. Already in the Alta Mogiana, its grain is marked by the body, balanced acidity, natural sweetness and caramelized fragrance.


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As a company interlinked to the Montesanto Tavares Group, Atlantica Coffee trades and exports Arabica green coffee beans. The company is located in the state of Minas Gerais, the largest coffee producer in Brazil, as acknowledged by Associação Brasileira da Indústria do Café (ABIC) – the Brazilian Coffee Industry Association.

We work exclusively with Arabica raw unroasted green coffee; all originated in the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Bahia and exported through our Superior and Commercial product lines.

Atlantica Coffee’s Superior line coffees are: Doce Lembrança, Rosa Morena and Aquarela. Those in the Commercial product line are: Ágata, Esmeralda, Turmalina, Safira and Turquesa. Know more about them:

– Sul de Minas: the region where fine well-bodied coffee that boasts natural aroma and sweetness –never found anywhere else in the world– is produced.

– Alta Mogiana Paulista: region where the beans produced feature balanced body and acidity, with natural sweetness and caramelized fragrance. The fruits are round and soft featuring slight bitterness, chocolate-like color, a smooth crust and intense aroma.

– Cerrado Mineiro: the first coffee growing region in Brazil, producing high quality beans.

– Espírito Santo: region that typically produces coffees called “bebida dura” (intense and well-bodied). This nomenclature is directly linked to the coffee beans punctuation. After roasting, this drink is intense, well-bodied with slight roughness and pleasant astringency; similar to unripe-fruit taste sensation.

– Bahia: a region that produces coffees with lower acidity. The plantations in Bahia are 100% irrigated; one of the highest productivity levels in Brazil. High quality coffees and competitive advantages.

A Atlantica Coffee exporta para países nos cinco continentes, atendendo empresas que vão desde indústrias multinacionais de alimentos a cadeias de lojas com presença mundial.

Atlantica Coffee furnishes companies in five different continents. Our clients vary from multinational food corporations to coffeehouse chains with operations across the world.

Atlantica Coffee is responsible for validating the certifications that ensure sustainability to the beans. Our company provides assistance and support to ensure producers will be certified and that they follow specific procedures and norms, which are:

Rainforest Alliance (RAS)³

  • UTZ Certified (UTZ)
  • Starbucks’ Coffee and Farmer Equity Practices (C.A.F.E. Practices)
  • Associação do Código Comum da Comunidade Cafeeira (4C)
  • Certifica Minas

Atlantica Coffee exports to countries in five different continents to clients that vary from multinational food corporations to coffeehouse chains with operations across the world.


Atlantica Coffee’s international and national trading is based on an association with our clients. A proximity that provides knowledge on the buyers’ needs no matter if geographic or qualitative.

The guidelines followed in our operations embrace ethics, agility, transparency and synergy with producers and buyers, all in relentless quality maintenance. Know more about our coffee product lines Superior and Commercial and confirm the merit of our beans.


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