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Weekly report – Brazilian Coffee Market – Jan 24 ~ 28, 2022

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Siga e ouça no spotify! Novos episódios em português aos sábados pela manhã.

KCNY and Currency

Over the week, NY had difficulties in maintaining prices around the usc 240 lb/p that was reached during the previous week and eventually gave in for technical reasons with the possibility that the liquidation of speculator agents’ positions has taken place.

The New York “ICE” certified stocks remain in decline. The financial flow in Brazil remained positive, keeping the Real strengthened.

March/22: Min: 230,30 | Max: 241,35 | Last: 230,70
BRL/USD: Min: 5,3526 | Max: 5,5242| Last: 5,4180
*Data as of the completion of this report


After a period without rain, a phenomenon known at this time of year as “veranico”, the rains are expected to return again this weekend due to the arrival of a cold front coming from southern Brazil.

The cold front arriving in the Southeast region is expected to leave cloudy and rainy weather in most of the coffee growing regions and will remain between Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo, with major action in the south and Zona da Mata regions of Minas Gerais and in the northwest region of Sao Paulo.

Rain forecast for next week:

  • Sul de Minas region: between 100 and 150 mm;
  • Zona da Mata region: between 70 and 100 mm;
  • Cerrado region: between 40 and 60 mm;
  • Garça region: between 130 and 170 mm;
  • Alta Mogiana region: between 130 and 170 mm.


The domestic market continues with little liquidity and relatively lower prices compared to previous weeks.

  • Strictly soft good cup running screen: seller close to R$ 1.480,00
  • Strictly soft fine cup running screen: seller around R$ 1.510,00. 17/18 Screen close to R$ 1.625,00
  • Rio Minas: around R$ 1.380,00 the running screen with 30% low grades;
  • 600 defects: near R$1.370,00 with little interest from the local industry.

For FOB export, a few trades were reported during the week.


The logistics scenario continues with a lack of space, difficulties in the release of equipment, and high prices of maritime freight. The choice of shipping in break bulk is becoming more and more recurrent for different buyers.


Covid-19 cases in Brazil break new records every week. Laboratories are running short of tests. Fortunately, the effects of the disease are milder and with fewer hospitalizations for the Omicron variant.

Some countries are considering treating Covid-19 as endemic and in Brazil some age groups are entering their fourth dose while vaccination of children is moving fast. 

People who received the first dose: 164.090.251 (76,38% of the population)
People fully vaccinated: 149.253.875 (69,48 % of the population)
Cases: + 24.782.922 million
Deaths:  621.927

Let’s continue believing and investing in the coffee culture!
Atlantica Coffee Team


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