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por jul 23, 2020Coffee0 Comentários

With the global increase in cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19), companies have been taking a series of measures to contain the spread of the virus. The coffee production chain is no different. In light of the current situation, Atlantica Coffee (one of Brazil’s main coffee exporters) has advised its employees to work from home whenever possible during the pandemic.


We are frequently reviewing our company’s strategies to remain strong and safe. Even from a distance, we strive to maintain connections between people and to work together to continue to deliver excellent results.


1- Regarding Atlantica Coffee employees



We seek to adapt our operations to continue doing our best, but without losing sight of priorities – life always comes first.  We encourage everyone to stay optimistic and calm, follow all prevention guidelines, and, as always, drink coffee.


– The majority of our team is working from home, remotely monitoring the coffee production chain, producers in the certification groups, and taking care of other sustainability issues.


– We hired a consultancy in Health and Workplace Safety to assist us in the elaboration of all necessary procedures;


– We share all pertinent updates with our employees, customers, suppliers and partners;


– Our offices and warehouses follow strict protocol to promote maximum safety and prevention for employees and partners alike;


– All Atlantica Coffee employees are receiving their full salary throughout the pandemic period.


Quality department



– Only a few employees remain on-site in our coffee quality laboratory, preparing coffee samples to fulfill contracts;

-The tasting operation has been modified so that only one person tastes coffee during each round, using two spoons;

-Employees whose physical presence in the office is essential must maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m between each other;

-Entry to all facilities is for employees only;

-For those who remain working on-site, we provide abundant masks, hand sanitizer, and soap;

-We believe that these measures, together with reducing the number of people present in our offices, are necessary to protect the health of those remain on-site to maintain the workflow and quality of our entire operation.


2- Regarding customers and the markets in which Atlantica Coffee operates



– We send our international customers a weekly report on the coffee market in Brazil to keep them updated on COVID-19’s impacts on the Brazilian coffee chain and provide an overview of coffee news here at its source, such as harvest, quality, climate, availability of labor, supply, demand and changes in consumption patterns, logistics, credit supply, adaptation of our operations, etc.;


–  The reports are shared on Atlantica’s social networks in Portuguese and English so that coffee farmers can also access market information. Access the reports at:


– Flexibility with the changing demands of our customers, which have been a result of the pandemic’s effects on their businesses;


– We seek to further strengthen our customer relationships on a day-to-day basis through video calls, social media posts, etc.;


3- Regarding Atlantica Coffee’s partners and suppliers (coffee growers)


– We maintain frequent remote contact with our partners and suppliers to learn how they are doing and how we can best support them during this period;


– We closely monitor the weather, the availability of labor for the harvest, and internal market behaviors;


– On our social media, we shared a video with recommendations for how producers can prevent the spread of Covid-19 during the harvest, the period of greatest labor demand within the coffee production cycle and thus a time of great concern about spreading the disease in rural areas.  In just four days, the video reached over 28,000 people in Brazil;


– We follow all maritime logistics through contact with our customs brokers, cargo agents, and transport operators as well as other service providers involved in international operations, to obtain regular updates;


– We maintain contact with brokers and partners located in other countries to understand the specific challenges they are facing, the solutions they have found, and the changes underway in their respective markets.


3- Regarding the communities where we operate



There has been a significant increase in the spread of the new coronavirus in the Brazilian interior and in coffee-producing cities, a worrisome situation given the lower capacity of their health services.


In order to help the populations of some of the coffee communities in which we operate, Atlantica Coffee distributed 5,000 reusable masks for free in the cities of Caparaó and Alto Jequitibá.


The company hired local seamstresses to sew the masks, thus helping generate income for local residents. More than 20 employees helped distribute the masks on June 13 and 21, 2020.


“Lets keep believing and investing in the coffee culture so we can move coffee forward