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Naturally artisanal coffee

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When we think of artisanal coffee, we think of Matas de Minas coffee. Composed of 64 municipalities in the east of the State of Minas Gerais, in an area of the Atlantic Forest. The region is famous for its artisanal coffee, as cultivation, harvesting and post-harvesting in these highlands is handcrafted by small families.

Its quality is allied to sustainability. The proximity of man to the forest is one of the striking characteristics of coffee growing, mostly driven by family farming.

The artisanal characteristic is closely linked to the elements of its terroir. Surrounded by the mountains, the local altitude varies from 600 to 1,400 meters and the production in the irregular topography, combined with the mild climate, make this region very unique in requiring the coffee producer to make artisanal management with an attentive look at nature, transforming all the particularities of the crops of altitude in processes that result in really special and unique products.

Thus, integrating nature, tradition and care for the environment, producers harvest very specialty coffees, in different nuances and flavors, which stand out in the main national and international awards.

Flavors that enchant beyond is forests

Characterized by a production of artisanal arabica coffee, family farming and manual harvesting are predominant characteristics, resulting in economic and social impact. In addition, the region is known for being a pioneer in artisanal quality, which refers to manual work combined with techniques developed by producers, thus guaranteeing high quality green coffee beans.

The Matas de Minas region, also known as Zona da Mata mineira, is an important producer of natural coffee from the Rio Minas, which has a strong flavor and is part of the culture and tradition in many countries, especially in Eastern Europe, Argentina and the Middle East. The region is an important producer of good cup coffees, rioy/riados and rio minas.

In recent years, many coffee growers in the region have specialized in producing excellent specialty coffees and amazing fine cups.
Thanks to implementing post-harvest processes adapted to the humid region, Matas de Minas has currently led the main coffee quality contests in Brazil and the world.

Click here to learn more about the difference between these qualities and how we can help you to work with these qualities.

Small producers united

With a production area of 275 thousand hectares, the region congregates 36 thousand coffee growers, of which 80% have less than 20 hectares planted. Together they make a difference in their municipalities by generating 75,000 direct jobs and 156,000 indirect jobs.

Together with these producers, we work to guide them about the best practices in the commercialization, certification, and sustainability to reach attractive markets so that their unique flavor, origin, history, and their differentials may conquer, more and more, consumers around the world, together with the economic sustainability of the coffee-growing families in the region.


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