In light of the new challenges faced by Brazilian coffee growers, we are increasingly attentive to the movements of each link within the supply chain of Brazilian coffee. Our goal is to guarantee the preservation of the coffee chain for generations to come.

We invest in the sustainability of coffee farming through activities and projects that range from producer certification groups to the Instituto Café Solidário and a different valuation for certified coffees. Learn more:

Instituto Café Solidário

The Instituto Café Solidário was created by the directors of the Montesanto Tavares Group in 2011, when they realized the importance of improving social and cultural conditions in the communities where many of our green coffees are grown.

Their shared ambition resulted in projects that serve individuals at all stages of life—from children to the elderly—whose goal is to transform the lives of the people who need it most.

Learn more about the project: Click Here


Certification aims at compliance with good agricultural, environmental, labor practices, etc. Organization, management, liquidity, market opening, and improvements in the prices paid to producers are just a few of the advantages of being certified. Coffee exporter Atlantica Coffee participates in this journey by forming groups of producers that qualify for certification.

Atlantica Coffee covers the auditing costs of 4C and Practices certifications for groups of coffee growers in Brazil. Prior to the certifying agency’s audit, our sustainability team visits properties to offer free certification consultation services, a practice known as the “pre-audit”.

During these visits, producers learn how the certification program works and also about any changes that they may need to make to their structures or internal practices. Through this “pre-audit” process, our sustainability team is able to help producers adopt good labor, social, environmental, and farm management practices on their properties.


Certification is an excellent tool for building sustainability, as they share a common goal.

In addition to Atlantica’s 4C and C.A.F.E. Practices – Starbucks certifications, we are also an UTZ- and Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee exporter.

This allows us to work with UTZ, RFA, 4C, C.A.F.E. Practices, and Certifica Minas Café. Learn more about each of them below:

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