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With new challenges for the future of coffee growers in Brazil, we are increasingly aware of all links in the Brazilian coffee supply chain movements in order to ensure the coffee chain for generations maintenance.


Social actions

Part of Atlantica Coffee’s profits is reverted to Instituto Café Solidário, a project focused on the social and cultural development of children, adolescents and the elderly. Currently, the project contributes to improve the social and cultural conditions of 195 people:


✓ 154 children and adolescents in Buritizeiro, MG, Brazil
✓ 26 elderly people in Santa Luzia, Minas Gerais
✓ 15 local teachers
✓ 324 meals served daily
✓ Cultural workshops (plastic arts, music, fashion, sewing, theater, literature, etc)
✓ Preparatory courses (English, Portuguese, mathematics and computer science)
✓ Defending the rights of children and adolescents

ODS Institute contributions


Clean Energy

A photovoltaic mill project at Atlantica’s warehouse in Caparaó corroborates our mission to “originate consistently and promote improvements throughout the coffee chain”.

The project objective was to produce a clean and renewable energy matrix to reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and strengthen our commitment to be sustainable and in continuous improvement.

✓ Location: Caparaó, MG, Brazil
✓ 456 solar panels with a capacity of 335 W each
✓ 18,449 KWH generated monthly
✓ 77% of energy autonomy
✓ Installed in suspended areas, not requiring additional land

ODS Warehouse contributions


Certification Groups

Our Sustainability team assists coffee growers to comply with 4C and Practices certifications through free consultancy and also bearing the costs of external audit to Atlantica Coffee grower groups.

In those visits the producer is guided about how the certification program works and also about the adequacy of internal structures or procedures whenever  necessary. regarding good labor, social, environmental practices, farm management, etc.



Certification becomes an excellent tool for building sustainability as they move towards a common goal.

The certification aims at adapting to good agricultural, environmental, labor practices, etc. The organization, management, liquidity, market opening and improvement in the price paid to the producer for coffee are some of the advantages of being certified.

In addition to the Atlantic certification groups of 4C and C.A.F.E Practices – Starbucks, we are a UTZ certified coffee exporter.

Which allows us to work with UTZ, 4C, C.A.F.E. Practices and Certifica Minas.


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