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Varginha – The City of Brazilian Green Arabica Coffee

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Brazilian green coffee is known worldwide for being at the top of the rankings when it comes to coffee production, quality, and export. The state of Minas Gerais is responsible for much of this merit and boasts several cities distinguished for the sophistication and volume of Brazilian coffee they export. Varginha, which was the leading exporter of green Arabica coffee in 2019, is one of these cities. Learn more!

Brazil takes pride in being the world’s biggest producer and exporter of green Arabica coffee, a position it has held for nearly 150 years. The state of Minas Gerais is responsible for more than half of this production. 

Currently, Minas Gerais is Brazil’s second most populous state and is the nation’s leading coffee producer. There are 853 cities in the state, comprising 15.5% of the total cities in the country. Green coffee cultivation thrives in four regions in particular:

  • South Minas (Guaxupé, Varginha,  Alfenas, and others);
  • Matas de Minas (Espera Feliz, Manhuaçu, etc.);
  • Cerrado Mineiro (Carmo de Paranaíba, Pato de Minas, Patrocínio, etc.);
  • Chapada de Minas (Capelinha, Angelândia, etc.);

Today, these cities are recognized not only for the quantity of coffee they produce, but also for the quality of their beans, according to the Minas Gerais Federation of Agriculture and Livestock (FAEMG).

The City of Varginha

Varginha is one of many Mineiro (Minas Gerais) cities that stand out when it comes to Brazilian coffee. The municipality is located in the southern region of Minas Gerais, on the shores of Lake Furnas, and is equidistant from three Brazilian capitals: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Belo Horizonte.

In 2007, Veja magazine voted Varginha Brazil’s 7th best city to live and invest in. In 1996, the city attained international fame due to an alleged sighting of extraterrestrial creatures, which became known as the “ET of Varginha.” 

The city of Varginha is one of the main centers for the Brazilian coffee trade, and exports to the whole world. The southern Minas region in which it is located is renowned as a major producer and important origin of quality coffees and trades the bean with various countries. 

Varginha has been recognized as a hub for the coffee trade since the 20th century. Though it is not the biggest coffee producer, the region is one of the biggest trading centers for beans. 

Why is Varginha – MG the city of coffee?

The southern region of Minas Gerais is the largest producer of Brazilian coffee. While the city of Três Pontas is the region’s leading producer, Varginha is its largest trading hub.

Thanks to coffee, in 2010, the city of Varginha was Minas Gerais’ third largest exporter. The city brings together service providers, warehouses, brokerages, and major exporters of Brazilian coffee; in addition, a unit of the Federal Revenue Office (Receita Federal) and a dry port further facilitate the sale of much of the local harvest to international markets. 

According to a report by TV Princesa, an affiliate of Rede Minas, the Varginha Customs Center (Estação Aduaneira de Varginha), one of the state’s biggest exporters, has already shipped 16 million bags out of the country this year alone and leads export rankings, with USD $461 million in the period.

Varginha’s green coffee trade directly influences the life of nearly three million people in the southern region of Minas Gerais. The city’s tax incentives; its proximity to the ports of Rio de Janeiro and Santos; and the dry port attract exporters to the city where they will find all of the infrastructure and services necessary to prepare Brazilian coffees for export. 

Varginha’s green coffee culture positively affects various sectors of the population and is the motor of the economy. It drives commerce and purchasing power, affecting the income generation of those who live off coffee production and trade. This influence and the creation of a range of businesses related to coffee culture mobilized all sectors of Varginha’s society, making Varginha the leading green Arabica coffee exporter in 2019. The further appreciation of the coffee culture will benefit everyone. 

Atlantica Coffee is moving!

Atlantica Coffee’s administrative office, which is presently located in the Minas Gerais capital of Belo Horizonte, will move to Varginha.

With the move scheduled for early 2020, the Trading, Logistics, Accounting, Fiscal, Financial, Legal, Controllership, and Organizational Development departments currently located in Belo Horizonte will join the Varginha team. The move will further streamline the sourcing, warehousing, logistics, and marketing processes, allowing us to provide better service to our partners. 

Moreover, Varginha’s strategic location in the heart of southern Minas, the country’s main region for the production of green Arabica coffee, and its proximity to Brazil’s major ports, including Rio de Janeiro and Santos, will optimize the flow and improve the competitiveness of our coffees. 



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